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Endless Tower is an RPG Dungeon crawler. You have to scale up the tower as far as you can go and try to survive. Level up, and find random loot to make your character stronger.  There is a chance to enter special floors, Treasure rooms, Boss rooms, and Trap rooms.

This game is very early stages. If there are any bugs, glitches, or even have suggestions please post a comment and I will get back to it as soon as possible.

---Update 0.4.3---

-Added Character Sprites to each Race and Class.
-Added Coffins. They can spawn items, or even skeletons.
-Added Pressure Plate Trap. This one shoots an arrow towards the player.
-Enemies are more aggressive now. They will chase the player down. 
-Fixed Arrows, and added particles when they are destroyed.
-Fixed camera, so the player is now in the middle of the screen.
-Added Floor Holes. 
-Statues can now be destroyed
-Mana cost reduction is now -1 Mana instead of a %.
-Add Axe weapons. Wide weapon range.
-Remade some items.
-Added 8 more Legendary Items.
-Added more helmets, shields, and weapons.
-Added more Books.
-Fountains have a chance of giving a buff.
-Remade some maps to have room for more traps.
-Added small water puddles, grass and dirt pathes.
-Added Wood flooring.
-Added 6 more Spaces to inventory.
-Fixed Shop Menu button layout.


W,A,S,D or Arrow keys to move. If you have touch screen controls, you can turn the touch controls in the options menu.

Q is HP Potions

E is MP Potions

To attack an enemy, just move into them. The inventory is best used with a mouse.


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